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Thank you so much for visiting my catalog, YOU ARE AWESOME!

I can only imagine how busy you are with mounds of files to listen to and tight deadlinesto meet.

So I will be super quick- I have placed songs in 4 subcategories folder: UPLIFTING / DARK POP / REIMAGINED COVERS and ALL INSTRUMENTALS TRACKS.

Most importantly I own 100% of the mastered songs, all one stop, and 100% clearable.

I've placed a clickable link below to easily stream and has the option to download those files from Disco with best file format and instrumental version. (Also includes quick view of all lyrics directly beside song)

My ultimate goal is to continue to send you music that you can actually use and will fit the project you are working on.

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

Lauren Light
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Category- DARK POP

Category- Uplifting

Category-Male Vocals

Category- ReImagined Covers


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